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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Letter to My Son - Kainalu

Dear my son Kainalu,

I write this letter in 2008 when the situation of Ambon comes to normal. I have something which I would like to share you. These pictures I found while I was rearranging our house after flood early February 2008. You know, it was very mess. But I felt happy when I saw these pictures since I could refresh my memory during the hard time of Ambon conflict. Yes, I was a young fresh graduate from a small university in Ambon, UKIM. Nevertheless, UKIM student had proven their existence as tough people, who consistently doing their works as student in abnormal condition. I am very proud for them! I also very proud because I am a part of them! I hope these pictures always being critical signs that friendship will make you conscious that you are not alone...

Since our campus was destroyed in the middle 2000 all students activities had removed to school compound in Batugantung. This picture took at temporary "shelter" which we used as office of student council of Theological Faculty UKIM Ambon. We suffered because lack of facilities to drive many student programs, but gradually we could enjoyed such situation. In this unproperly room we often arranged discussion around many topics deal with conflict resolution and the possibilities to build critical theological reflections about Ambon conflict. From left to right: Elisa Erupley, Steve Gaspersz, Jusuf Anamova, [?], [?], Jondry Paais and Peter Salenussa.

In front of our "shelter". We combined student office with small shop to met student daily needs such as paper, pen, ruler, pencil, book, ink, soap, etc. Can you imagine how suffered students during that hard situation? Especially for those whose parents live outside Ambon island. They could not contact their sons/daughters in Ambon. Ambon at that time is almost totally isolated. But we thank God that we can experience it as historical actors who someday will tell our child or grandchild that "war" absolutely bull-shit. That stupid "war" just brought our generation into nothingness and destruction psychologically. What is it all about? To defense our religions, to show-off the power of arrogance on behalf of our "god"? The answer is on our shoulders, the next generation of new hope in new earth which peace and brother/sister-hood stay as the power for eliminating violence. I believe you understand that and living your life with peace for all human beings.

with my whole heart to you, my son
Kainalu Anariosa Gaspersz

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